At RUN LAB, we want you to be HEALTHY and your run to be STRONG. 


We believe you deserve the energy to RUN LIKE A ROCK STAR. 


In order to do this, our digestion has to be strong and our inflammation has to be under control. 

Just like you would train your muscles for a marathon, you need to train your internal systems to be more efficient. 


THE RUNNER'S CODE offers you a starting place to do just this.  Learn how to improve running performance with easy to implement modules that you can do in your own time. 


This program will help you:

​-Run Injury Free

-Absorb like a Machine

-Have enough energy to crush your next run (or even your PB)!

​What you can Expect from your weekly emails:

-Runners Meal Plan

-Runners Recipes

-Access to RUNwell Virtual Summit for Runners Health & Performance

-Access to the 6 Modules on Performance

The Runners Code - Improve your performance Program

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